Appalachian Trail

The Appalachian Trail is a 2181-mile hiking trail that extends from Georgia to Maine. The trail was completed in 1937 and is managed cooperatively by the National Park Service, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, 30 local Appalachian Trail Clubs and the USDA Forest Service.

The Appalachian Trail is the longest footpath within the United States. It crosses over 75 different federal and state forests and parks across 14 states in the Eastern United States. The trail passes through Georgia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine.

Virginia has 550 miles of the trail, the most mileage of any state. It's neighbor West Virginia has the least miles of any state, with only 4 miles. The highest point on the trail 6,625 feet and is just below the summit of Clingman's Dome in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park.

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