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Escaped Leopard Shuts Down Turtle Back Zoo; No Public Danger

Late morning on Sunday, the Turtle Back Zoo was put in lockdown mode when a leopard was discovered missing from its cage. Zoo patrons were moved to a safe areas while the zoo was in lockdown.

The missing leopard was an Amur leopard named Megan who had lived at the zoo for 4 years. She was found behind a retaining wall in a zoo service building and had never been in public areas. While the public had never been in danger, the zoo followed its procedures for the event of a missing animal. Zoo staff issued a 'code red' lockdown, closed zoo gates and moved patrons to safe areas for their protection.

Fall Fun in the Hudson Valley

Top 10 Festivals Celebrate the Harvest and Autumn Foliage

Orange County, N.Y. - The snap in the air that turns the leaves such beautiful shades of red, copper, and gold also ushers in entertaining fall fairs and festivals just an hour outside Manhattan. Knights in shining armor and Applefest are just part of the fun marking the mid-Hudson’s salute to the season. Fall is a wonderful time to be out and about on weekends, and getting there is double the fun when you can take in the colorful foliage. Count on finding music, entertainment, vendors, food and fun at all of these great events, but as you’ll discover, each has its own special charm.

Behind-the-Scenes Look at new Turtle Back Zoo Aquarium

On Thursday evening, I was invited to the Turtle Back Zoo for a special blogger event to get a behind-the-scenes look at the zoo's new aquarium. Zoo Director Dr. Jeremy Goodman kicked off the evening by providing an overview of the construction project and the forthcoming exhibit. He then took groups on tours of the new facility and the zoo's animal hospital.

The aquarium is located within the building that had formerly been the monkey house. The monkeys themselves have been relocated to the South American exhibit. There are 5 tanks within the facility, including a main 900 gallon tank that is modeled after a coral reef. The tanks will offer a range of exhibits, such as a clown fish tank, a sea horse tank and a venomous fish tank. The building was retrofitted with an extensive pump and climate system to keep the water in each tank within a precise range of temperatures.

Outbound Family founder Justin Powell interviewed for Backcountry Radio podcast

I was interviewed this week by Dave Pidgeon at Compass Points Media for their Backcountry Radio podcast. The topic was about hiking with kids and how your outdoor adventures change once your family includes little ones. Dave's a great guy and the interview was a fun time!

Check it out: http://compasspointsmedia.com/backcountry-radio-august-5-2010/

Winner of Garmin GPS Announced

Outbound Family is pleased to announce that Chris D. in Long Valley NJ is the winner of the Garmin GPS in last month's contest! Chris mentioned that he would likely use the GPS for geocaching.

Congratulations, Chris!