Give Grandma the Gift of the Great Outdoors – Give Her Hiking Gear This Year

By Bonnie Conrad

When many people think about hiking, they picture a strenuous trek into the interior of the Grand Canyon, or a difficult journey into the back country surrounding Yosemite National Park. What those people do not realize is that hiking is one of those rare pastimes – an activity that can be enjoyed by people of all ages and fitness levels.

If you are just getting started, you can enjoy a level hike around a local park or scenic lake. If you are up to a greater challenge, you can seek out a more difficult trailhead, or even spend a week or two hiking the Appalachian Trail. No matter what type of trail or difficulty level you choose, chances are you will encounter many different people – from young families out for a day in the woods to senior citizens trying to stay fit and have fun.

One of the great things about hiking is that it can be enjoyed by everyone from the grandchildren to their grandparents. In fact, there are plenty of multigenerational hiking enthusiasts out there, enjoying time in the wilderness and some quality family time as well.

If you are looking for the perfect gift to give the elder generation, why not think about giving hiking gear this year? If grandma or grandpa already enjoys a good hike, they would certainly enjoy a new pair of hiking boots or some warm woolen socks. If you want to encourage your grandparents to enjoy the great outdoors, you can give them the gift of nature with a great pair of binoculars or a trail camera. No matter what their current experience level with hiking, there are some great gifts you can give the people who have mattered so much in your life.

No matter what kinds of hiking gear you plan to give, it is important to plan your purchase carefully, and to tailor the products you buy to the needs of the recipient. As with any gift, the key to successfully giving hiking gear is to choose the right gear for the right people. If your grandma is new to hiking, a top quality sturdy walking stick can give her the impetus she needs to head out on the trails with the rest of the family. If grandma is already an experienced trail hand, a sturdy pair of hiking boots and a great tent can give her the freedom she needs for those longer trips into the wilderness.

If you are looking or the perfect gift this holiday season, consider giving the gift of hiking gear. Hiking is a great family activity, and giving presents like hiking boots and wilderness gear is the perfect way to encourage family togetherness.