Teaching Kids to Fish According to Dad

By Lise Garneau

Ask a dad what he thinks is important on the topic of fishing and he will probably come up with lots of ideas that would be completely different than what a mom might come up with. Which are more important? I think that the best list would be a combination of the two!

  • So, what is the best age to introduce children to fishing? Actually, the younger the better. Start off by simply taking them to a local lake and wander along the shore. A fish jumping out of the water will definitely trigger their curiosity and if there are people actually fishing, they might even ask questions.
  • Remember that your kids are going to have a shorter attention span than you, so be sure to pick a location that makes it easy for them to catch something. It doesn't really matter what it is!
  • Keep fishing simple for kids. Choose a rod that they can easily hold and you might want to add a colorful bobber just to give them something to watch. And be sure to praise any fish that they catch. They will be excited - make sure that you are too. As far as they are concerned, the fact that they caught anything will simply make their day!
  • Just in case you haven't picked up a rod for your child yet, here is the rule of thumb. It should be close to the same length as your child's height. You might want to add their own little tackle box to the purchase. It should provide them with hours on enjoyment as they look through the contents.
  • If the kids caught some of the fish that you will be enjoying for dinner, let them help with the cooking. I'm not sure that the girls will want anything to do with the cleaning, but hey - you never know. The boys will probably think that it is cool! The cooking part - both can help with.
  • Here is something else you might want to check into. Does your child require a license to fish? Some states require one to fish legally. It's also worth while finding out the minimum size and just how many you are allowed to catch in one day. You should be able to find out every you need to know at a store that sells fishing tackle.

That about covers it. Now go and catch some fish!

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