Cathedral Caverns State Park

461 acres


Cathedral Caverns State Park
637 Cave Road
Woodville, AL 35776
United States
Phone: (256) 728-8193
34° 34' 21.9648" N, 86° 13' 15.2688" W

Cathedral Caverns State Park is located in northern Marshall County, Alabama. The caverns were originally a privately-owned attraction until Alabama bought the property in 1987. After a restoration and improvements, the caverns were reopened to the public as a state park in 2000.

The cavern entrance measures 25 feet wide and 128 feet wide. Concrete walkways provide families with access to the caves. Within the cavern is Goliath, the largest column in the world. It measures 243 feet in circumference and 45 feet tall. The Big Room is 792 feet long and 200 feet wide.

The Mystery River flows underground through the cavern. After a heavy rain, the caverns can flood due to limited drainage of the river.

Outside the caverns are 461 acres of land with trails and primitive campsites. A welcome center and concessions are available.

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