Randolph Park

41 acres


Randolph Park
50 Green Lane
Randolph, NJ 07869
United States
40° 51' 47.5272" N, 74° 37' 19.2072" W

Randolph Park in Randolph New Jersey is a popular family destination during the warm weather and is best known for its large sand beach at Randolph Lake. There is a beach house with changing rooms and snack bar, as well as a playground area and picnic tables. There is a volleyball court and a baseball field. Paddle boats and canoes can be rented at the beach house.

Randolph Park also features a Spray Park with interactive features that include a frog spray, a water wiggle, a fire hose spray, a fan spray and a water dome.

The park is open between Memorial Day and Labor Day (weekends only when school is in session). There is a daily fee or season memberships to access the park.

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